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22 Historic Mining claims with 1 additional 21 acre lot. This amazing property is nearly 350 acres surrounded by public land. The property has been tested and drilled on multiple occasions for gold. Preliminary technical evaluation by George Rouse, an accomplished geologist & test drilling maps available by request

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An extensive amount of exposed bedrock as well as the natural stream bed support productive gold recovery.The claim is suited for most types ofgold mining activites from panning, tosluicing,sniping,high-banking,metal detecting,dowsing and dredging. …

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Mining claimsfor sale in California. RGM goldmininggroup. ReinkeMiningAdventures & Services offers professionalminingservices for the small gold miner.Miningequipment sales,mining claimsales andminingadventures

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Jul 17, 2020·Conquest Resources (TSXV: CQR) announcedthat it has entered into a conditional agreement with Canadian Continental Exploration to acquire an extensive package of …

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Allclaimsare paid through the currentminingyear & transfers will include a copy of the original location notice. Allclaimswill be transferred the day of sale via "QuitClaimDeed" releasing 100% of Brodec's interest to the purchaser

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Lone MountainMiningCompany, a New Mexico-based advanced stage exploration and development company, has 100% ownership rights to the magnetite and hematite iron …

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UNPATENTEDMINING CLAIM: An Un-patentedmining claimis a particular parcel of Federal land, valuable for a specificmineraldeposit or deposits. It is a parcel for which an individual has asserted a right of possession. The right is restricted to the extraction and development of amineraldeposit. The rights granted by amining claimare

mining claim most wanted real estate

22 HistoricMining claimswith 1 additional 21 acre lot. This amazing property is nearly 350 acres surrounded by public land. The property has been tested and drilled on multiple occasions for gold. Preliminary technical evaluation by George Rouse, an accomplished geologist & test drilling maps available by request

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3 PatentedSilverton Mining Claims. For the person that really wants to mine or do some serious prospecting, we have 3 patentedmining claimsthat have been mined in the past. A lengthy tunnel is located on the Minnehahamining claim.Extensiveassay …

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Anextensiveamount of exposed bedrock as well as the natural stream bed support productive gold recovery.Theclaimis suited for most types of goldminingactivites from panning, to sluicing, sniping, high-banking, metal detecting, dowsing and dredging

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Jun 07, 2020· This page is a free service to help people findmining claimsfor sale or lease in Alaska. Listings here may be deleted after 6 months but in general the ads are left up until you notify me that you want them removed. To have your ad listed here, email your ad with details. I no longer list ads that do not include an email address in addition to phone numbers as calling people for updates is

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Aug 07, 2014·Claimswithin 10 miles of the district office must be filed within 15 days of staking. For each additional mile, one day is added to the deadline. In Nunavut, theclaimmust be registered with theminingrecorder’s office within 60 days of staking. Other jurisdictions give a flat 30 days for registration

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This is an extension of the patented Waverly lode mine one of the mostextensivetunnel systems in the Florence basin. Located on 6 ounce Gulch with over 40 documented gold laiden viens.There is running water on thisclaim

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The Historic Pinkham PlacerMining Claim, for sale exclusively through Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC, is a... 20 Acres. Butte, MT - LodeClaims. For Sale . Gold Flint. Butte, Montana 59701 U.S. $65,000. Historic Gold Flint Lode 20.66 Acre LodeClaim– Homestake District – Silver Bow County, Montana . Portal opening before our

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TheMining ClaimMarketplace TheMining ClaimMarketplace TheMining ClaimMarketplace TheMining ClaimMarketplace . Buy and SellMining Claims... The source of this magnetic anomaly was not determined.Extensivesoil sampling, continued geophysics and a diamond drilling program were recommended but it was never reported if these were carried

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The mine requiresextensiverehabilitation in its current state, but an upfront initial investment will yield massive returns. The mines production record of over 22,000 ounces of gold is more than many districts combinedminingoperation totals

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It is anextensivearea that lies between Lake Almanor on the north and the Virgilia-Twain area on the south and southwest. The district includes the Caribou and Seneca areas. The Crescent Mills district lies to the south. ... TheProvidence Hill Extensionplacermining claimis a non-patented federalmining claim. You will need to file

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Yakataga Alaska Beach GoldMining Claimsfor sale. Yakataga Alaska Beach GoldMining Claimsfor sale.A gold … There is estimated to be many millions of dollars in untouched offshore gold deposits at Yakataga just like there is proven to be at Nome through anextensivedrilling program. »More detailed

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Mining Claims and Other Land Laws... They will send you a packet of information on the requirements and procedures for staking aclaim.Extensiveresearch must be done to determine the location

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Extensiveand detailed research is a necessary aspect of anymining claimretracement to determine the nature of the overlappingclaimsand how those overlaps affect the title to the subject property. Often the result is a puzzle of multiple crisscrossing pieces of property. Manymining claimcorners were typically originally marked by chiseled

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If you are considering the purchase ofa gold mining claim, it is extremely important that you do your due diligence. Research theclaimand find out if the potential for gold and other precious metals is there. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams out there, selling worthlessclaims…

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This is a 20 acre lodeMining claimfor sale exclusively through Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. The Golconda is located just outside of Lake City, Colorado. All Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc.claimsare thoroughly surveyed and mapped withextensivehistorical and current documentation prior to posting anymining claims…

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Dec 18, 2017· The amendments set out theclaimholder information required for the electronicMining ClaimsRegistry, how access to non-electronic documents will be maintained, deals with surveys ofclaimsand how and under what circumstances the Provincial Recording Office (PRO) may delete, correct and amend entries to themining claimregistry

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ARIZONAMINING CLAIMS. FOR SALE 3 40-acre AZclaims. They are 7500 each or 12K for 2 or 15 for all 3.Claimsare located on Monarch Wash about 7 miles SE of Wickenburg and 45 miles NW of Phoenix. This wash along with the San Domingo wash are good gold bearing washes. The Monarch wash traverses the entireclaimin a NE to SW diagonal

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MINING CLAIM. Almost 2 miles of creek and benches.Claimshave been tested. One to three oz. nuggets found. Gold is extremely coarse; gravels average 1 gram per yard. 20YPH wash plant, grizzly, and related equipment included. Good road access. Location 20 air miles …